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6 ноября, 2015

Choosing sustainable products and materials

The increasing availability of product environmental information provides an opportunity for consumers to choose more sustainable products and for designers to be rewarded for selecting more […]
5 ноября, 2015

Biomimetics as a tool for the development of new materials

Biomimetics is on everyone’s lips and it is now difficult to imagine a future where it does not play a key role in the development of […]
5 ноября, 2015

Materials for the Carbohydrate Economy

One of the most significant future transformations in the material sphere will be the development of a carbohydrate economy. This will be a global economy based […]
2 ноября, 2015

Mystic Vehicle of Contemporary Technology

If you carefully observe designed objects around you, perhaps you may find the unspoken process of their birth. Their ingredients and parts should come from somewhere […]